Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Off-leash kids

Places to go

where they can run free. 

Both my kids were “runners”. For years I had to hold their hands in parking lots and we couldn’t go to playgrounds that were too close to a busy street. So I looked for places where they could be who they are and I could embrace their fearlessness with a bit more ease. We’re now well beyond that phase but still enjoy these same places that continue to allow them to have freedom to play as their boundaries expand. 

Camp Long
5200 35th Ave SW
  • Features: Several looping trails to hike, climbing areas, a pond to explore and a large field to play in.
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Fauntleroy Park 3951 SW Barton St.
  • Features: Forested trails to hikes with bridges, boardwalks and a creek to explore.
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Jack Block Park
Terminal 5 / 2130 Harbor Ave SW
  • Features: Park with a paved hilly trail that starts at a non-traditional play area (giant metal balls to climb on) and ends at a tall observation tower with views of Harbor Island and downtown. Great for little legs, strollers, scooters and bikes. Bonus is a little beach which makes a great spot for lunch.
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Lincoln Park*
8011 Fauntleroy Way SW
  • Features: Hike in the woods, explore the beach for sea critters or build a driftwood fort and then stop at a playground for multiple adventures all in one place. The flat paved path along the beach is especially good for scootering and biking.
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Puget Ridge Tot Lot*
6029 21st Ave SW
  • Features: Little playground in Puget Ridge neighborhood for smaller kids that is completely fenced in. Do note, there are no bathrooms.
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Schmitz Park
5551 SW Admiral Way
  • Features: Similar to Fauntleroy Park with it’s forested trails to hike and creek to explore but also includes the legendary alligator and the option to extend the adventure down to Alki via the Schmitz Park Boulevard path.
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Westcrest Park*
9000 8th Ave SW
  • Features: Large open area (on top of a covered reservoir) that has a playground, a flat paved circular path that’s great for riding scooters and bikes and a large field for flying kites, throwing frisbees and kicking balls. There's also a network of trails to hike and a great hill for sledding when it snows.
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  • Alert: As of May 2021 part of the playground (climber) is closed for repairs but other parts are still open. Would also not recommend hiking the trails due to several encampments.
*includes playground