Sunday, May 9, 2021

Welcome to West Seattle Adventures

If you’re a parent in West Seattle who enjoys finding new outings close to home to do with your kids, this blog is for you. 

The posts to come are a collection of my adventures of all the amazing things we’ve discovered right here in our backyard of West Seattle—from when my kids were little and continue today as we venture into teenhood. 

Experiences such as places to hike in a forest when you don’t want to drive an hour just to get to the trailhead and all the different ways to enjoy the water. From low tides and ferry rides to wading pools and paddle boarding. Then there are the best playgrounds for runners, potty training and kids that love swings or spinners, and the best places to ride a bike from training wheels to loops around the peninsula.

And of course my favorites of all, the unplayground playgrounds with driftwood forts and log balance beams along with hidden gems like Camp Long and the West Duwamish Greenbelt. 

I also have oodles of indoor adventures that I’ll dust off as things start opening back up and a series of walks and activities by neighborhood that I’ve just started creating from my piles of lists. So much to do on our little accidental island!

Big thank yous to all the families that explore with us and share their ideas with me. You are my village and a big part of making my nugget of an idea for this blog actually happen.

—WS Adventure Mama