Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Last minute summer fun ideas

A tradition of ours for several years was spending an afternoon before school started down on Alki with friends for some beach time and ice cream. As the kids got older we added renting chopper bikes from across the street and riding to Jack Block Park and back. While we haven’t done it for a while, because our not-so-baby babies are now going on their own to paddleboard with friends and enjoy ice cream without us, it’s still one of my favorite summer memories.

For other last minute summer fun ideas, check out my summer bucket list post from June that has oodles of ideas for everyone from preschool to teens. There's also the Created Commons event at Westcrest Park that runs August 27th-September 5th and a recipe for homemade fruit roll-ups. Details below.

Last minute ideas for summer fun:
  • Day at Alki
    • Wheel Fun Rentals
      2530 Alki Avenue SW
      This is where we rented a variety of chopper bikes (some single, some double) for our ride to Jack Block and back. For more info, check out their website for info, a coupon and tour map.
    • Alki Playground (Whale Tail Park)
      5817 SW Lander Street
      If you need a change of scenery from the beach there is is a great playground a block away with traditional play equipment along with unique features of a boat and a whale's tale to climb and play on. All on a soft surface.
  • Created Commons at Westcrest Park
    9000 8th Ave SW
    A family-friendly outdoor event celebrating art and science includes music, art and nature. For more info check out their website and the post on the WS Blog.
  • Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups
    My summer bucket list post talked about making freezer jam, which we did with our first batch of blackberries, but I also found the recipe from when we made homemade fruit roll-ups years ago with all the raspberries and apples in our yard. This year we're trying it with our plums. Here's the recipe we use
  • Summer Bucket List 2021
    Here is the list I posted in June that had ideas for every age.