Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Disc golf

When looking for social-distant activities last spring I came across a story about a disc golf course not too far from us and decided to check it out. I hadn't played since college, the kids had no idea what it was and we only had regular frisbees. A perfect recipe for an adventure if you ask me!

We went back again this summer, on one of the crazy hot days, and all decided a cool fall day would be a better choice so here are some details and what we learned.

  • Lakewood Disc Golf Course at Dick Thurnau Memorial Park
    11050 10th Ave SW
    Technically it's in White Center but only by eight blocks so close enough to loop it in as a West Seattle adventure. 
Things to know:
  • Learning to play
    Think golf course but with a frisbee. Here's a website with a beginner's guide and some videos to get you started. 
  • The course 
    • Overall in good shape. Each tee had a picture of where you are and the "hole" (aka a basket) you're aiming for is. Some showed multiple holes/baskets but we usually only saw one. Also, one tee was missing a picture but it was easy enough to figure out where the hole/basket was to aim for. 
    • Map of the course. The first time we went there was a map of the course on the side of the building where you normally can rent or purchase discs. The second time we went, over the summer, it wasn't there. We haven't been back this fall to play and see if it's been fixed so here's a link to one too.
    • Practice area: There are two "holes" (aka baskets you are aiming for) right by by the play area where you can practice throwing before trying out the course.
    • Definitely skip the first hole. It's over a water feature.
  • Equipment
    After our first time, which we used regular frisbees we already had, we bought a basic starter set (putter, mid-range and driver) for two so both kiddos, kiddo/parent or one kiddo and a friend could play together. 
  • Ages
    Probably best for tweens/teens and older elementary kids but I'm sure there are some five-year-olds that can throw a disc better than me.
  • Other notes
    • Both times we went it was during the week on a school break. There were still quite a few folks playing so guessing it's even busier on weekends and when they have tournaments. Definitely seems like there's a whole community of disc golfers out there that I never knew about. Similar to when I wrote about discovering pickleball this summer.
    • Here's a link to the story where I first read about the course on the King County Parks website.
    • For more info, a map and reviews of course go here.
Also at the park:
  • White Center Bike Playground
    This is a fun spot for little ones learning to ride. Read more about it here
  • Play area 
  • Restrooms
  • Chainbangers Disc Golf Shop
    Hours: Check Instagram account for current hours.

Close by:
  • Downtown White Center for lots of food options and of course ice cream at Full Tilt.