Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Letterboxing Kits—Awesome Holiday Gift for Families

I wrote a post last summer about letterboxing, one of my favorite activities for getting kids outside, and it inspired me to start making my kits again. So if you're looking for a family gift for the holidays, keep reading. 

What, letter-what?
I think of it as low-tech geocaching or a modern-day treasure hunt for the whole family that involves puzzle solving, navigation skills, art and nature. Best of all, it can be tailored for any age and any amount of time—a short hike in a local park or a bigger adventure in another city. Simply put, it’s a really fun way to get outside and explore new places with your kiddos. You can check out my letterboxing post for even more info about the activity.

Why buy a kit?
While most of the elements in the kit are somewhat easy to find, it usually requires going to multiple stores and a lot of time. Because 
I wanted to make it easy for friends to try letterboxing, I started making kits to give as gifts. Then a few years ago, a fellow adventure mama (who was the first one I made a kit for) and I explored the idea of selling them but, like so many other things, got busy with other stuff in life. I've now picked it back up, revamped a few parts and have some to sell just in time for the holidays. If there's enough interest I'll do a bigger batch in January.

Do note, these kits are designed with younger kids in mind (preschool/elementary) so the stamp-making materials are designed to be easier to work with than the traditional carved rubber stamps that most letterboxers create. 

What's included in the kit?
  • Signature stamp supplies: wood block, two sticky-back foam pieces and a piece of tissue paper. To see how we made one, click here.
  • Logbook​​​​​​ (24 blank pages)
  • Stamp pad ​​​​​​(Colors vary)
  • ​Compass with lanyard
  • Pen
  • Instruction booklet
  • Clue to a letterbox in West Seattle
  • Box with three compartments, so your inky stamp won't get all over the other pieces
  • $25—Pick up in West Seattle
  • $30—Delivered to you (West Seattle/White Center only)
  • $40—Mailed to you
How do I purchase a kit?
Since I don't have the interface to sell via my blog, I've created a Google form to fill out. You will then receive a confirmation email from me with payment options (Venmo or PayPal). Once payment is received you can pick up the kit, have it delivered or mailed within a week.

*Last day for holiday orders is Wednesday, December 15th.