Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Reading and Running—4 library+playground outings

A favorite weekly routine of ours used to be attending a morning storytime at the library, picking up a new bagful of books and then heading off to a nearby park to run off the wiggles with friends—in hopes of a long afternoon nap. 

With story times virtual for now and naps a thing of the past for us, we've modified our adventure but the core pieces are still there. 
Extra fun is exploring a new library and playground every week.

To get you started, here's a list of our four local libraries each paired with a nearby park. If you're looking to explore other play options you can check out my post about all the playgrounds in West Seattle. I would also recommend checking the library hours before heading out since they're always changing.

  • Delridge 
    Library: Delridge Branch / 5423 Delridge Way SW
    Playground: Puget Boulevard Commons  / 5200 26th Ave SW
    Distance between the two: .2 miles, 5 min walk each way

  • High Point
    Library: High Point Branch / 3411 SW Raymond Street
    Playground: High Point Commons Park + Bee Garden / 3201 SW Graham Street
    Distance between the two: .3 miles, 5 min walk each way

  • Southwest Branch
    Library: Southwest Branch / 9010 35th Ave SW
    Playground: Roxhill Park (aka The Castle Park) / 2850 SW Roxbury Street
    Distance between the two: .5 miles, 10 min walk each way

  • Admiral
    Library: West Seattle Branch / 2306 42nd Ave SW
    Playground: Hiawatha Playfield / 2700 California Ave SW
    Distance between the two: .3 miles, 7 min walk each way