Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Art Adventures—Explore and Create

As the daughter of an artist I spent a lot of time sitting on the benches of art museums when I was younger. Appreciating the comfort of the seating more than I did what was on the walls around me. 

However, I also got to see amazing plays, take piano lessons and enjoy a house full of art supplies. And with time, finally saw all that my mom was trying to share with me and started going to art museums all on my own. 

Now it's my turn to do the same thing with my kiddos. Although I have to say they already seem to appreciate it more than I did and my daughter definitely draws better than I ever could. So here is the first of many lists to come on ways to both experience and create art right here in West Seattle. 


ArtsWest (Theater)
A new play This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries and This Girl Does Nothing is a modern-day fairytale adventure that starts March 17-April 10th and is appropriate for ages 7 and up. Available to see in-person and online. 

Sprinkled all over West Seattle you'll see Desmond's work on traffic signal boxes. We also discovered one of his mural along the Thistle Street stairs when doing a stairway walk and found this article on the MoPOP website.
**Check out this awesome map of all his art around town that's included in an article.

TeenTix (Variety of art forms)
An awesome program that offers teens, 13-19 years old, opportunities all over the city to experience art and museums for only $5, including ArtsWest right here in West Seattle.

West Seattle Art Walk—Every 2nd Thursday (Variety of art forms)
So far I've only done this as an adult with friends—because both my kids were runners and no way they could have done this when they were younger—but I've seen plenty of other kiddos do just fine and had friends with teens who have participated in it. You can also do your own mini-walks on your own time using the map they do every month, like this one. In fact, I just learned of a gallery walkable from our house and next to a bakery that we're going to go check out. 

West Seattle Murals (Visual)
Nine of the eleven murals are located in the Alaska Junction and make for a fun walking adventure with plenty of kid-friendly stops along the way for food, a treat, books, toys and more. I've created a walking tour with the location, artist, description and fun facts for each mural as well as a Google map to help you find your way. 

Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (Variety of art forms) Updated 3/31/22
Art of all types for kids and adults, including a current production of A Year with Frog and Toad and a gallery with rotating exhibits. Make sure to check out the mural out front too.
**New exhibition in the Promenade Gallery—Oceans of Emotion from March 23-April 30. Go here for more info and viewing hours.


CraftLab Seattle (Classes/Parties/Camps)
Mobile location—comes to your house, a park or TBD location of your choice.
Newest addition on the peninsula! Focuses on upcycling crafting activities and offers classes, birthday parties and other events for kids or adults.

Curious Kidstuff (Classes/Parties)—Updated 6/1/22
4740 California Ave SW
Last I checked the art/party room upstairs was still closed but scheduled to reopen sometime in 2022. Art room is now open! Looks like there are a variety of classes on Mondays and Fridays. $12/child, each day.

Currently offering a handful of classes at Delridge and High Point Community Centers for younger kids. 

The Heron's Nest (Classes)
4818 15th Ave SW
Offers a variety of different craft-type classes on some Saturdays. 

West Seattle Art Nest (Classes/Parties/Camps)
No drop-in times currently but hosting birthday parties, after-school art classes and special small events. All operations are still outdoors but winterized with plenty of ventilation and heating. For more info email—