Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Stepping into adventure with these stairway walks

Check out my latest adventure—writing for Seattle’s Child! 

I first wrote about these walks in January with ones we'd been checking out, up and down in West Seattle. I then pitched the idea to Seattle's Child and got the chance to explore others all over the city—which included discovering the highest stair in the city was right down the street from us. 

The article highlights the highest, longest and oldest stairs in the city along with one along the water and another through a forest. To check it out go here.

To see my original post for more West Seattle options, go here

Huge thanks to Jasmin@Seattle’s Child for giving me the opportunity to expand my writing, to Kaitlin@SensaPlayRentals for sharing her kiddos for a photoshoot and to my friend Kari and my family for adventuring all over the city with me.