Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Urban Nature Adventure—Tree Walks

I first wrote a post about these fun urban nature walks, highlighting the 12 in West Seattle, back in January. I then got the opportunity to write about them for Seattle's Child and off we went to explore several others all over the city. So fun!

The article features a walk in Ravenna that's all about how the unique features of 20+ trees support the local bird life—read it here. Other family-friendly walks, including ones at the zoo, Kubota Garden and the Olympic Sculpture Park, are worth trekking off-island for too. All can be found on the Trees for Seattle website as well as their app. 

In addition, they have starting doing in-person guided walks again. They did one in High Point a couple months ago (which is worth doing unguided too) and this month's walk is in South Lake Union. You can check out their events page or sign up for a monthly e-newsletter to stay in the loop.

Special thanks:

  • To the awesome folks at Trees for Seattle for helping me with my research and answering ALL my questions. Your dedication to this program is incredible.
  • To Seattle author and parent, Karen Gaudette Brewer who's book Northwest Know How: Trees I discovered while writing my article. I wasn't able to include my notes about this fantastic book in the final story but don't let that stop you from checking it out. 
  • To Jasmin at Seattle's Child for another opportunity to share my love for adventure.