Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Hot Days—Where to go to get cool.

First heat wave of summer was here and gone before I could get this posted—because we were out doing many of the things below—but here are some ideas for next time. 

Enjoy anything to do with water.

Take a hike in a cool forest.
Here are our two favorites but for more options you can check out my Take A Hike post.
  • Schmitz Park
    Great canopy of trees to keep you cool, the alligator log and a creek.
  • Fauntleroy Park
    Also has a creek but this one is for eyes only since it's home to baby salmon. However, last time we were there, there's was a gnome to discover, salmonberries to nibble on and letterboxing series you can do. You can also extend the adventure down to the water with this salmon walk I created last year. 

Go see a show or play a game.

Start your summer reading.
Not all our libraries have air condition but these two do. If you haven't started the library's summer reading program, which started June 21st, now is the perfect time. For a full list of local reading options, including a list the library made for me of WS-themed kid books, see my post from last year

  • Delridge Branch
    5423 Delridge Way SW
    Open daily, except Friday. See website for hours since time vary.
  • High Point Branch
    3411 SW Raymond Street
    Open daily. See website for hours since time vary.

Enjoy a cool treat.