Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Snow day—Spots to go sledding

The first snow of the season wasn't quite enough for full on sledding but it did make us pull out our winter gear and sleds so we're prepped and ready for the next time. 

Living within walking distance of a great sledding spot—Westcrest Park pictured aboveI never thought too much about other places until I saw others around the peninsula asking for ideas last year. So here's a recap of some non-street spots, organized by location (north and south of Camp Long). Plus a Google map so you can see what's closest to you.

Have fun, be safe and enjoy some hot cocoa when you get back home!

NORTH (Camp Long and north)
  • Camp Long
    5200 35th Ave SW
  • Hamilton Viewpoint Park
    1120 California Ave SW
  • Madison Middle School
    3429 45th Ave SW
    Spot: Back of school, between school and sports field.
  • West Seattle Golf Course
    4470 35th Ave SW
    Note: Opens after a certain amount of snow and announced via Seattle Parks and Rec.
  • Dragonfly Park
    4111 26th Ave SW
    Spot: East of the dragonfly pavilion
  • Jack Block Park
    Terminal 5 / 2130 Harbor Ave SW
SOUTH (of Camp Long)
  • High Point Commons Park
    3201 SW Graham Street
  • Myrtle Reservoir Park
    3600 SW Myrtle Street
  • Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex
    2600 SW Thistle Street
    Spot: West of the grass soccer field and north of the main baseball field.
  • Solstice Park
    7400 Fauntleroy Way SW
  • Westcrest Park
    9000 8th Ave SW
    Spot: South of the playground and north of the p-patch.
    Parking: In either the south-end parking lot or the lot off 8th Ave SW.