Letterboxing Kits

Welcome to an awesome family-friendly adventure—letterboxing!

A modern-day treasure hunt that involves puzzle solving, navigation skills and cool stamps. Best of all, it can be tailored for any age and any amount of time—a short hike in a local park or a bigger adventure in another city. Simply put, it’s a really fun way to get outdoors and explore new places. (
Learn more about letterboxing in a post I wrote last year.)

Even better, here's a kit I created with everything you need to get started.
What's included:
  • Signature stamp supplies: wood block, two sticky-back foam pieces and tissue paper 
    To see how we made one, click here.
  • Logbook​​​​​​ (24 blank pages / space for 48 stamps)
  • Stamp pad ​​​​​​(colors vary)
  • ​Compass with lanyard
  • Pen
  • Instruction booklet
  • Clue to a letterbox in West Seattle
  • Box with three compartments, so your inky stamp won't get all over the other pieces
Note: Kits are designed with younger kids in mind so stamp supplies are easier to work with than the traditional carved rubber stamps that most letterboxers do.

  • $25—Pick up in West Seattle
  • $30—Delivered to you (West Seattle/White Center only)
  • $40—Mailed to you
How do I purchase a kit?
Since I don't have the interface to sell via my blog, I've created a Google form to fill out. You will then receive a confirmation email from me with payment options (Venmo or PayPal). Once payment is received you can pick up the kit, have it delivered or it will be mailed within a week.