Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Summer Reading

I’d like to thank my kiddos for getting me back into reading.

While I used to read a lot as a kid, grownup life had gotten busy and book clubs were more about seeing friends than actually reading the book. But then, picking up a book and reading to a baby became a big part of our day and going to story times became a weekly thing. I watched my kids learn to read—in two very different ways—and was in awe. So much so I went on to volunteer in classrooms reading books to kids and then worked as a reading tutor for several years.

We all now read non-stop and a big part of our summer over the years has been participating in the library's summer reading program. We also love outings that include a trip to our two local bookstores and discovering a Little Free Library during one of our adventures or stopping at ones in our neighborhood during a walk.

Seattle Public Library
We have four libraries in West Seattle that are now all open in some capacity. While this year’s summer reading program is different from years past you can still participate and earn a free trip to the Burke Museum. For more information go here and for branches and hours see the list and links below.

Local Bookstores

We have two great independent books stores that are both fantastic places in our community.
  • Paper Boat Booksellers
    6040 California Ave SW
    An awesome bookstore in the Morgan Junction that our friends opened in 2019. They are having their own summer reading program for kids and also have book clubs, author events and family story times.
  • Pegasus Book Exchange
    4553 California Ave SW
    Located in the Alaska Junction and around for almost 40 years, it's a great place where you can buy both new and used books and even trade yours for store credit. It's a must stop every time we're up that way.

Little Free Libraries

This was a go to resource for us when things shut down last spring to find new-to-us books and share ones that we were ready to pass along. To find ones near you go here.

For a Google map of libraries and bookstores, click here.

Other resources
  • Books with West Seattle theme
    Check out this article from Seattle’s Child magazine. The first three books are paired with WS parks. The library also created a list of books for me that tie in with West Seattle. 
  • StoryWalks in the Parks Updated: June 2022—No current SPL StoryWalks.
    This program through the Seattle Public Library includes one along the Duwamish River. The actual walk was only during Earth Week but you can still check out the book and visit the park on your own. If you go, make sure to check out the adjacent park that has a permanent four-part story on kiosks called River Salmon Story.